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All switch mode transformers (such as high isolation, wire wound, planar and others) operate at a high frequency -- typically 50 Hz to 200Hz -- and thus have become a popular power option within a variety of industrial isolation, power and communication applications. When compared to many other types of transformers, switch modes often provide a higher level of efficiency. They also possess relatively small footprints which help contribute to their lighter weight. Another sought after benefit is their minimized power use under load free (yet still switched on) conditions...making them ideal choices for electrical device power supplies.


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Switch Mode Transformers
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Switch Mode Power Supply Transformer Manufacturing & Design

We're one of the world's leading, high-volume manufacturers and designers of SMT and THT switch mode power supply products, including fieldbus isolation, planar transformers, toroidal, wound and off-line transformer products. You can browse our complete line of SMPS and switch mode transformers on the table above or use any of the resources on this page to find what you need.

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