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About Our Power Transformers

Pulse Electronics Power BU offers a variety of power transformer products that include surface mount (SMT) and through hole (THT) construction types to accomodate many types of requirements and applications. You can narrow down your search and access product specific data by selecting either Switch Mode Transformers or High Isolation, Gate Drive Transformers.

Power Transformer Manufacturing and Design

Pulse Electronics Power BU's skilled engineers manufacture and even custom design some of the highest quality, industry compliant power transformers in the world. Our international locations grant us the benefit of geographic proximity to our customers' design and production needs. From high frequency, switch mode to gate drive to off-line transformer platforms, we have the solutions you need for virtually any type of application.

You can request design services or product support using the red icons on this page and a Pulse Electronics Power BU engineer will quickly respond.

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News & Insight: Power Transformers

What is RoHS Compliance? Definition and Role in Power Supply Manufacturing

You may have heard a lot about RoHS compliance but have been unsure of its ramifications to your line of work. This post will walk you through what RoHS is, what you need to do to...Read more

New PH9400 High Isolation Gate Drive Transformer Series

Meet the new PH9400 series: Pulse Electronics Power BU's first ever surface mount (SMT), high isolation gate drive transformers. We're excited to add this series to our current lineup of quality...Read more

New PH9385 High Isolation, Low Profile SMT Power Transformer Series

We're excited to introduce our new PH9385 series of 4KVrms isolation power transformers, which achieves 12mm creepage in a patent-pending, low-profile, compact, 17x16x7mm surface mount package....Read more

New PH9085 Isolation Power Transformers with 2.5KV for Communications Interface Applications

Introducing our new series of isolation power transformers: The PH9085 Series. The PH9085 Series is part of our line of high-isolation power supply transformers that offer a range of insulation...Read more

New Gate Drive Transformer Series Complies with Safety Agency Standards for Reinforced Isolation

We've expanded our P0584/85NL high isolation gate drive transformer line with the new –ANL series. This new series uses insulation wire on all windings, making them compliant to safety agency...Read more