Competitor Cross Reference

Compare Pulse Electronics Power BU's Components with other Manufacturers

Use the table below to cross reference similar or equivalent parts and access data sheets between Pulse Electronics Power BU and other manufacturers within the power electronics industry.

"*" denotes competitive information that may be pending or non-existent.

Competitive Cross Reference Table

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  Competitor Competitor Series Competitor PN Pulse Cross PN Equivalent or Similar Datasheet
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-100M P1170.103NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-101M P1170.104NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-102M P1170.105NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-120M P1170.123NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-150M P1170.153NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-151M P1170.154NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-180M P1170.183NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-181M P1170.184NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-220M P1170.223NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-221M P1170.224NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-270M P1170.273NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-271M P1170.274NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-330M P1170.333NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-331M P1170.334NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-390M P1170.393NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-391M P1170.394NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-470M P1170.473NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-471M P1170.474NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-560M P1170.563NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-561M P1170.564NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-680M P1170.683NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-681M P1170.684NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-820M P1170.823NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI125-821M P1170.824NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-100M P1172.103NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-120M P1172.123NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-180M P1172.183NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-220M P1172.223NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-270M P1172.273NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-330M P1172.333NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-390M P1172.393NL Similar
  3L Coil SMTDDRI SMTDDRI127-470M P1172.473NL Similar
  API Delevan HCT HCT-372 PE-53680NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-442 PE-53681NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-502 PE-53682NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-682 PE-53683NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-371 PE-53690NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-441 PE-53691NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-501 PE-53692NL Equivalent
  API Delevan HCT HCT-681 PE-53700NL Equivalent
  API Delevan PTKM10 PTKM10-30SM PE-53631NL Similar
  API Delevan PTKM10 PTKM10-40SM PE-53652NL Similar
  API Delevan PTKM10 PTKM10-50SM PE-53663NL Similar
  API Delevan PTKM25 PTKM25-50SM PE-53653NL Similar
  API Delevan PTKM50 PTKM50-50SM PE-53634NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-20050 PE-51686NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-20050 PE-51686NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-20100 PE-51687NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-20100 PE-51687NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-20200 PE-51688NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-20200 PE-51688NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-21050 PE-51717NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-21050 PE-51717NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-21100 PE-51718NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-21100 PE-51718NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-21200 PE-51719NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-21200 PE-51719NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30050 PE-63586NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30050 PE-63586NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30100 PE-63587NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30100 PE-63587NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30200 PE-63588NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30200 PE-63588NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30300 PE-63691NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM31 HM31-30300 PE-63691NL Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60100 PF0464.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60101 PF0464.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60120 PF0464.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60150 PF0464.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60180 PF0464.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60220 PF0464.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60270 PF0464.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-603R0 PF0464.302NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60330 PF0464.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-603R9 PF0464.392NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60390 PF0464.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60470 PF0464.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-605R0 PF0464.502NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60560 PF0464.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-606R0 PF0464.602NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60680 PF0464.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-607R3 PF0464.732NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-60820 PF0464.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-608R6 PF0464.862NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70100 PF0465.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70101 PF0465.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70120 PF0465.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70150 PF0465.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70180 PF0465.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70220 PF0465.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70270 PF0465.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-703R3 PF0465.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70330 PF0465.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70390 PF0465.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70470 PF0465.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-705R0 PF0465.502NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70560 PF0465.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-706R0 PF0465.622NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70680 PF0465.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-707R4 PF0465.732NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-70820 PF0465.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-708R7 PF0465.862NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80100 PF0560.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80101 PF0560.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80150 PF0560.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80151 PF0560.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80220 PF0560.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80221 PF0560.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-801R5 PF0560.252NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-802R5 PF0560.252NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80330 PF0560.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80331 PF0560.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-803R8 PF0560.382NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80470 PF0560.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-805R2 PF0560.522NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-80680 PF0560.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-807R0 PF0560.702NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15100 PG0085.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15200 PG0085.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-151R5 PG0085.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-151R6 PG0085.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15150 PG0085.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15250 PG0085.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-152R2 PG0085.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-152R3 PG0085.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15220 PG0085.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15221 PG0085.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-153R3 PG0085.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-153R4 PG0085.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15330 PG0085.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-15331 PG0085.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-154R7 PG0085.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-154R8 PG0085.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-156R8 PG0085.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-156R9 PG0085.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40100 PG0087.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40101 PG0087.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40150 PG0087.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40220 PG0087.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40330 PG0087.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-404R1 PG0087.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-404R2 PG0087.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40470 PG0087.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-406R2 PG0087.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM66 HM66-40680 PG0087.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-501R5 P0250.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-502R2 P0250.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50100 P0250.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50101 P0250.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50102 P0250.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50150 P0250.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50151 P0250.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50220 P0250.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50221 P0250.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-503R3 P0250.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50330 P0250.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50331 P0250.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50470 P0250.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50471 P0250.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-505R6 P0250.562NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50680 P0250.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-50681 P0250.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-301R0 P0751.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30100 P0751.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-301R5 P0751.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30150 P0751.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-302R2 P0751.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30220 P0751.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-303R3 P0751.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30330 P0751.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-304R7 P0751.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30470 P0751.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-306R8 P0751.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30680 P0751.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30101 P0752.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30102 P0752.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30151 P0752.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30221 P0752.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30331 P0752.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30471 P0752.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-30681 P0752.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20100 P0762.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20101 P0762.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20102 P0762.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20150 P0762.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20151 P0762.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20220 P0762.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20221 P0762.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20330 P0762.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20331 P0762.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20470 P0762.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20471 P0762.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20680 P0762.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-20681 P0762.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-101R0 P0770.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10100 P0770.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10101 P0770.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-101R5 P0770.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10150 P0770.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10151 P0770.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-102R2 P0770.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10220 P0770.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10221 P0770.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-103R3 P0770.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10330 P0770.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-104R7 P0770.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10470 P0770.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-106R8 P0770.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-10680 P0770.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40100 PF0382.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40101 PF0382.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40102 PF0382.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40150 PF0382.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40151 PF0382.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40220 PF0382.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40221 PF0382.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40330 PF0382.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40331 PF0382.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40470 PF0382.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40471 PF0382.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40680 PF0382.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM71 HM71-40681 PF0382.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R10LF PA4341.101NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-061R0LF PA4341.102NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06100LF PA4341.103NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R15LF PA4341.151NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-061R5LF PA4341.152NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R20LF PA4341.201NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R22LF PA4341.221NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-062R2LF PA4341.222NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06220LF PA4341.223NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R33LF PA4341.331NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-063R3LF PA4341.332NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R47LF PA4341.471NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-064R7LF PA4341.472NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R68LF PA4341.681NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-066R8LF PA4341.682NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-06R82LF PA4341.821NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-101R0LF PA4342.102NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-10R15LF PA4342.151NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-101R5LF PA4342.152NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-10R19LF PA4342.221NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-101R8LF PA4342.222NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-10R24LF PA4342.271NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-103R3LF PA4342.332NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-10R36LF PA4342.361NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-10R47LF PA4342.471NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-104R7LF PA4342.472NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-10R56LF PA4342.561NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-121R0HLF PA4343.102NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12100HLF PA4343.103NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12R15HLF PA4343.151NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-121R5HLF PA4343.152NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-122R2HLF PA4343.222NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12200HLF PA4343.223NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12R33HLF PA4343.331NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-123R3HLF PA4343.332NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12R40HLF PA4343.401NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12R47HLF PA4343.471NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-124R7HLF PA4343.472NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-12R68HLF PA4343.681NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM72 HM72A-126R8HLF PA4343.682NLT Equivalent
  BI Technologies HM73 HM73-402R2 PG0077.202NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM73 HM73-40R30 PG0077.401NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM73 HM73-40R15 PG0077.801NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM73 HM73-40R90 PG0077.801NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-40100 P1252.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-401R3 P1252.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-402R2 P1252.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-403R3 P1252.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-403R9 P1252.392NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-404R7 P1252.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-406R0 P1252.602NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-401R0 P1252.781NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-407R8 P1252.782NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-101R0 PA0390.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-10100 PA0390.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-101R5 PA0390.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-10150 PA0390.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-102R2 PA0390.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-10220 PA0390.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-103R3 PA0390.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-10330 PA0390.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-104R7 PA0390.471NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-104R7 PA0390.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-10470 PA0390.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM75 HM75-106R8 PA0390.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-501R0J P0250.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50100J P0250.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50101J P0250.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50102J P0250.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50150J P0250.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50151J P0250.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-502R2J P0250.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50220J P0250.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50221J P0250.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-503R3J P0250.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50330J P0250.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50331J P0250.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50470J P0250.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50471J P0250.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-505R6J P0250.562NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50680J P0250.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-50681J P0250.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-301R0J P0751.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30100J P0751.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-301R5J P0751.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30150J P0751.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-302R2J P0751.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30220J P0751.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-303R3J P0751.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30330J P0751.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-304R7J P0751.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30470J P0751.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-306R8J P0751.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30680J P0751.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30101J P0752.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30102J P0752.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30151J P0752.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30221J P0752.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30331J P0752.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30471J P0752.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-30681J P0752.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20100J P0762.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20101J P0762.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20102J P0762.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20150J P0762.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20151J P0762.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20220J P0762.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20221J P0762.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20330J P0762.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20331J P0762.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20470J P0762.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20471J P0762.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20680J P0762.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-20681J P0762.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-101R0J P0770.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10100J P0770.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10101J P0770.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-101R5J P0770.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10150J P0770.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10151J P0770.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-102R2J P0770.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10220J P0770.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10221J P0770.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-103R3J P0770.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10330J P0770.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-104R7J P0770.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10470J P0770.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-106R8J P0770.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM76 HM76-10680J P0770.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-20001 PE-53600NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-30001 PE-53601NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-60002 PE-53602NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-11003 PE-53604NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-70002 PE-53606NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-12003 PE-53608NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-13003 PE-53611NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-19004 PE-53613NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-28006 PE-53614NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-10001 PE-53630NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-50002 PE-53631NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-10003 PE-53632NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-18004 PE-53633NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-27006 PE-53634NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-40002 PE-53650NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-90003 PE-53651NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-17004 PE-53652NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-26006 PE-53653NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-80003 PE-53661NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-16004 PE-53662NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-25006 PE-53663NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-15004 PE-53680NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-21005 PE-53681NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-24006 PE-53682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM77 HM77-23006 PE-53692NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10100 P1166.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30100 P1166.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30101 P1166.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10120 P1166.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30120 P1166.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30121 P1166.124NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10150 P1166.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30150 P1166.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30151 P1166.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10180 P1166.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30180 P1166.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30181 P1166.184NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10220 P1166.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30220 P1166.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30221 P1166.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10270 P1166.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30270 P1166.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30271 P1166.274NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10330 P1166.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30330 P1166.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30331 P1166.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10390 P1166.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30390 P1166.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30391 P1166.394NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10470 P1166.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30470 P1166.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30471 P1166.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10560 P1166.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30560 P1166.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-10680 P1166.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30680 P1166.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-30820 P1166.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20100 P1167.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40100 P1167.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20101 P1167.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40101 P1167.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20120 P1167.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40120 P1167.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20121 P1167.124NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40121 P1167.124NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20150 P1167.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40150 P1167.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20151 P1167.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40151 P1167.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20180 P1167.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40180 P1167.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20181 P1167.184NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40181 P1167.184NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20220 P1167.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40220 P1167.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20221 P1167.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40221 P1167.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20270 P1167.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40270 P1167.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20271 P1167.274NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40271 P1167.274NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20330 P1167.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40330 P1167.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40331 P1167.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20390 P1167.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40390 P1167.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40391 P1167.394NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20470 P1167.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40470 P1167.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40471 P1167.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20560 P1167.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40560 P1167.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40561 P1167.564NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20680 P1167.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40680 P1167.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40681 P1167.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-20820 P1167.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40820 P1167.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-40821 P1167.824NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45100 P1168.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45101 P1168.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45120 P1168.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45121 P1168.124NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45150 P1168.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45151 P1168.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45180 P1168.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45181 P1168.184NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45220 P1168.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45221 P1168.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45270 P1168.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45271 P1168.274NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-453R9 P1168.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45330 P1168.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45331 P1168.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45390 P1168.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-454R7 P1168.452NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45470 P1168.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45560 P1168.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-456R8 P1168.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45680 P1168.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-45820 P1168.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50100 P1170.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50101 P1170.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50102 P1170.105NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50120 P1170.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50121 P1170.124NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50150 P1170.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50151 P1170.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50180 P1170.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50181 P1170.184NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-501R8 P1170.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50220 P1170.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50221 P1170.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50270 P1170.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50271 P1170.274NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-503R3 P1170.302NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50330 P1170.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50331 P1170.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50390 P1170.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50391 P1170.394NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50470 P1170.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50471 P1170.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-504R5 P1170.502NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50560 P1170.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50561 P1170.564NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-507R0 P1170.642NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50680 P1170.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50681 P1170.684NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50820 P1170.823NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-50821 P1170.824NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-501R0 P1170.901NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60100 P1172.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60120 P1172.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-601R4 P1172.132NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60150 P1172.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60180 P1172.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60220 P1172.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-602R4 P1172.272NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60270 P1172.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60330 P1172.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60390 P1172.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-604R7 P1172.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-60470 P1172.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM78 HM78-607R6 P1172.762NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-101R0 PF0580.102NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10100 PF0580.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10120 PF0580.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-101R4 PF0580.152NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10150 PF0580.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-101R8 PF0580.182NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10180 PF0580.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-102R2 PF0580.222NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10220 PF0580.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-102R7 PF0580.272NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10270 PF0580.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-103R3 PF0580.332NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-10330 PF0580.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-103R9 PF0580.382NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-104R7 PF0580.472NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-105R6 PF0580.562NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-106R8 PF0580.682NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-108R2 PF0580.822NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50100 PF0581.103NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50101 PF0581.104NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50120 PF0581.123NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50121 PF0581.124NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50150 PF0581.153NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50151 PF0581.154NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50180 PF0581.183NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50181 PF0581.184NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50220 PF0581.223NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50221 PF0581.224NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50270 PF0581.273NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50271 PF0581.274NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50330 PF0581.333NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50331 PF0581.334NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50390 PF0581.393NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50391 PF0581.394NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50470 PF0581.473NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50471 PF0581.474NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50560 PF0581.563NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50561 PF0581.564NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50680 PF0581.683NL Similar
  BI Technologies HM79 HM79-50820 PF0581.823NL Similar
  Bourns SRM8040 SRM8040 PA4338 Similar
  Bourns SRP4020 SRP4020 PA4336 Similar
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-100M-RC P0762.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRP4012 SRP4012 PA4546 Simialr
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028 PA4548 Simialr
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-101M-RC P0762.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-102M-RC P0762.105NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-150M-RC P0762.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-151M-RC P0762.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-220M-RC P0762.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-221M-RC P0762.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-330M-RC P0762.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-331M-RC P0762.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-470M-RC P0762.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-471M-RC P0762.474NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-680M-RC P0762.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3308 PM3308-681M-RC P0762.684NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-100M PF0382.103NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-101M PF0382.104NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-102M PF0382.105NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-150M PF0382.153NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-151M PF0382.154NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-220M PF0382.223NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-221M PF0382.224NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-330M PF0382.333NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-331M PF0382.334NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-470M PF0382.473NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-471M PF0382.474NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-680M PF0382.683NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-681M PF0382.684NL Similar
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-100M-RC PF0698.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-101M-RC PF0698.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-102M-RC PF0698.105NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-150M-RC PF0698.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-151M-RC PF0698.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-220M-RC PF0698.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-221M-RC PF0698.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-330M-RC PF0698.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-331M-RC PF0698.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-470M-RC PF0698.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-471M-RC PF0698.474NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-680M-RC PF0698.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM3340 PM3340-681M-RC PF0698.684NL Equivalent
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-1R0M P1166.102NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-1R0M-RC P1166.102NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-100M P1166.103NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-100M-RC P1166.103NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-101M P1166.104NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-101M-RC P1166.104NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-102M P1166.105NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-102M-RC P1166.105NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-120M P1166.123NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-120M-RC P1166.123NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-121M P1166.124NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-121M-RC P1166.124NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-150M P1166.153NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-150M-RC P1166.153NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-151M P1166.154NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-151M-RC P1166.154NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-1R5M P1166.162NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-1R5M-RC P1166.162NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-180M P1166.183NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-180M-RC P1166.183NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-181M P1166.184NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-181M-RC P1166.184NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-220M P1166.223NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-220M-RC P1166.223NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-221M P1166.224NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-221M-RC P1166.224NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-270M P1166.273NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-270M-RC P1166.273NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-271M P1166.274NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-271M-RC P1166.274NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-3R3M P1166.302NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-3R3M-RC P1166.302NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-330M P1166.333NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-330M-RC P1166.333NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-331M P1166.334NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-331M-RC P1166.334NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-390M P1166.393NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-390M-RC P1166.393NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-391M P1166.394NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-391M-RC P1166.394NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-470M P1166.473NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-470M-RC P1166.473NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-471M P1166.474NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-471M-RC P1166.474NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-4R7M P1166.482NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-4R7M-RC P1166.482NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-560M P1166.563NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-560M-RC P1166.563NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-561M P1166.564NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-561M-RC P1166.564NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-R56M P1166.681NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-6R8M P1166.682NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-6R8M-RC P1166.682NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-680M P1166.683NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-680M-RC P1166.683NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-681M P1166.684NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-681M-RC P1166.684NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-820M P1166.823NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-820M-RC P1166.823NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-821M P1166.824NL Similar
  Bourns PM73SH PM73SH-821M-RC P1166.824NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-100M P1167.103NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-101M P1167.104NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-102M P1167.105NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-120M P1167.123NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-121M P1167.124NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-150M P1167.153NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-151M P1167.154NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-180M P1167.183NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-181M P1167.184NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-220M P1167.223NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-221M P1167.224NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-2R7M P1167.272NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-270M P1167.273NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-271M P1167.274NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-330M P1167.333NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-331M P1167.334NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-3R9M P1167.362NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-390M P1167.393NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-391M P1167.394NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-4R7M P1167.452NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-470M P1167.473NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-471M P1167.474NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-5R6M P1167.542NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-560M P1167.563NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-561M P1167.564NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-6R3M P1167.632NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-680M P1167.683NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-681M P1167.684NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-820M P1167.823NL Similar
  Bourns PM74SH PM74SH-821M P1167.824NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-1R0M P0770.102NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-100M P0770.103NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-101M P0770.104NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-1R5M P0770.152NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-150M P0770.153NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-151M P0770.154NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-2R2M P0770.222NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-220M P0770.223NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-221M P0770.224NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-3R3M P0770.332NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-330M P0770.333NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-4R7M P0770.472NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-470M P0770.473NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-6R8M P0770.682NL Similar
  Bourns SDE6603 SDE6603-680M P0770.683NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-1R0ML PF0580.102NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-100ML PF0580.103NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-120ML PF0580.123NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-1R4ML PF0580.152NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-150ML PF0580.153NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-1R8ML PF0580.182NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-180ML PF0580.183NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-2R2ML PF0580.222NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-220ML PF0580.223NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-2R7ML PF0580.272NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-270KL PF0580.273NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-3R3ML PF0580.332NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-330KL PF0580.333NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-3R9ML PF0580.382NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-390KL PF0580.393NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-4R7ML PF0580.472NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-470KL PF0580.473NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-5R6ML PF0580.562NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-560KL PF0580.563NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-6R8ML PF0580.682NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-680KL PF0580.683NL Similar
  Bourns SDR0403 SDR0403-8R2ML PF0580.822NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-1R0M P0751.102NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-1R0ML P0751.102NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-100M P0751.103NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-100ML P0751.103NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-1R5M P0751.152NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-1R5ML P0751.152NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-150M P0751.153NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-150ML P0751.153NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-2R2ML P0751.222NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-2R5M P0751.222NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-220M P0751.223NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-220ML P0751.223NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-3R3M P0751.332NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-3R3ML P0751.332NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-330K P0751.333NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-330KL P0751.333NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-4R7M P0751.472NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-4R7ML P0751.472NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-470K P0751.473NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-470KL P0751.473NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-6R8M P0751.682NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-6R8ML P0751.682NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-680K P0751.683NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-680KL P0751.683NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-101K P0752.104NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-101KL P0752.104NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-102K P0752.105NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-102KL P0752.105NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-151K P0752.154NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-151KL P0752.154NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-221K P0752.224NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-221KL P0752.224NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-331K P0752.334NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-331KL P0752.334NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-471K P0752.474NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-471KL P0752.474NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-681K P0752.684NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1005 SDR1005-681KL P0752.684NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-100ML PG0015.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-101KL PG0015.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-120ML PG0015.123NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-121KL PG0015.124NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-150ML PG0015.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-151KL PG0015.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-180ML PG0015.183NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-181KL PG0015.184NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-220ML PG0015.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-221KL PG0015.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-270KL PG0015.273NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-271KL PG0015.274NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-330KL PG0015.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-331KL PG0015.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-390KL PG0015.393NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-391KL PG0015.394NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-470KL PG0015.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-471KL PG0015.474NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-560KL PG0015.563NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-561KL PG0015.564NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-680KL PG0015.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-681KL PG0015.684NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-820KL PG0015.823NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1006 SDR1006-821KL PG0015.824NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-100M PF0581.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-101K PF0581.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-150M PF0581.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-151K PF0581.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-220M PF0581.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-221K PF0581.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-330M PF0581.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-331K PF0581.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-470M PF0581.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-471K PF0581.474NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1045 SDR1045-680M PF0581.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-1R0ML P0250.102NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-100ML P0250.103NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-101KL P0250.104NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-102KL P0250.105NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-150ML P0250.153NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-151KL P0250.154NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-2R2ML P0250.222NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-220ML P0250.223NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-221KL P0250.224NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-3R3ML P0250.332NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-330ML P0250.333NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-331KL P0250.334NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-470ML P0250.473NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-471KL P0250.474NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-5R6ML P0250.562NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-680ML P0250.683NL Similar
  Bourns SDR1806 SDR1806-681KL P0250.684NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-100ML P1252.103NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-1R5ML P1252.152NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-2R2ML P1252.222NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-3R3ML P1252.332NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-3R9ML P1252.392NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-4R7ML P1252.472NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-6R0ML P1252.602NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-R78ML P1252.781NL Similar
  Bourns SDR2207 SDR2207-7R8ML P1252.782NL Similar
  Bourns SRE6603 SRE6603-152M P1174.105NL Similar
  Bourns SRE6603 SRE6603-332M P1174.335NL Similar
  Bourns SRE6603 SRE6603-472M P1174.505NL Similar
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-1R0Y PF0552.102NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-100M PF0552.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-101M PF0552.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-102M PF0552.105NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-1R5Y PF0552.152NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-150M PF0552.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-151M PF0552.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-2R2Y PF0552.222NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-220M PF0552.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-221M PF0552.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-3R3Y PF0552.332NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-330M PF0552.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-331M PF0552.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-R47Y PF0552.471NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-4R7Y PF0552.472NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-470M PF0552.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-471M PF0552.474NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-6R8Y PF0552.682NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-680M PF0552.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-681M PF0552.684NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-8R2Y PF0552.822NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-820M PF0552.823NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1260 SRF1260-821M PF0552.824NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-1R0Y PF0553.102NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-100M PF0553.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-101M PF0553.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-102M PF0553.105NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-1R5Y PF0553.152NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-150M PF0553.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-151M PF0553.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-2R2Y PF0553.222NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-220M PF0553.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-221M PF0553.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-3R3Y PF0553.332NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-330M PF0553.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-331M PF0553.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-R47Y PF0553.471NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-4R7Y PF0553.472NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-470M PF0553.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-471M PF0553.474NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-6R8Y PF0553.682NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-680M PF0553.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-681M PF0553.684NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-8R2Y PF0553.822NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-820M PF0553.823NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRF1280 SRF1280-821M PF0553.824NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-1R0M PA4342.102NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-100M PA4342.103NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-1R2M PA4342.122NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-1R5M PA4342.152NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-150M PA4342.153NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-R22M PA4342.221NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-2R2M PA4342.222NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-220M PA4342.223NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-R27M PA4342.271NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-3R3M PA4342.332NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-330M PA4342.333NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-R36M PA4342.361NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-R39M PA4342.391NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-R45M PA4342.451NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-4R7M PA4342.472NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-470M PA4342.473NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-R56M PA4342.561NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-5R6M PA4342.562NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-6R8M PA4342.682NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1038 SRP1038A-8R2M PA4342.822NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-1R0M PA4343.102NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-100M PA4343.103NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R15M PA4343.151NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-1R5M PA4343.152NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-150M PA4343.153NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R22M PA4343.221NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-2R2M PA4343.222NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-220M PA4343.223NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R33M PA4343.331NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-3R3M PA4343.332NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-330M PA4343.333NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R36M PA4343.361NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R47M PA4343.471NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-4R7M PA4343.472NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-470M PA4343.473NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R56M PA4343.561NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-5R6M PA4343.562NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R68M PA4343.681NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-6R8M PA4343.682NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-R82M PA4343.821NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP1265 SRP1265A-8R2M PA4343.822NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-1R0M PA4340.102NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-100M PA4340.103NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-1R2M PA4340.122NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-1R5M PA4340.152NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-2R2M PA4340.222NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-R33M PA4340.331NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-3R3M PA4340.332NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-R47M PA4340.471NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-4R7M PA4340.472NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-5R6M PA4340.562NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-R68M PA4340.681NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP5030 SRP5030T-6R8M PA4340.682NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-1R0M PA4341.102NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-100M PA4341.103NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R15Y PA4341.151NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-1R5M PA4341.152NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-1R8M PA4341.182NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R22Y PA4341.221NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-2R2M PA4341.222NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-220M PA4341.223NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-2R5M PA4341.252NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R33M PA4341.331NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-3R3M PA4341.332NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R47M PA4341.471NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-4R7M PA4341.472NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R56M PA4341.561NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-5R6M PA4341.562NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R68M PA4341.681NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-6R8M PA4341.682NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R75M PA4341.751NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-R82M PA4341.821NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7028 SRP7028A-8R2M PA4341.822NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R10FM PG0426.101NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-1R0FM PG0426.102NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R15FM PG0426.151NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-1R5FM PG0426.152NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R20FM PG0426.201NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R22FM PG0426.221NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R33FM PG0426.331NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R47FM PG0426.471NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R68FM PG0426.681NL Similar
  Bourns SRP7030 SRP7030-R82FM PG0426.821NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-1R5Y PA4321.152NLT Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-4R7Y PA4321.332NLT Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-100Y PA4321.103NLT Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-330Y PA4321.333NLT Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-680Y PA4321.683NLT Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-101Y PA4321.104NLT Similar
  Bourns SRU1048 SRU1048-331Y PA4321.334NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-100M P1170.103NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-101Y P1170.104NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-102K P1170.105NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-120M P1170.123NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-121Y P1170.124NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-150M P1170.153NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-151K P1170.154NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-180M P1170.183NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-181K P1170.184NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-220M P1170.223NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-221K P1170.224NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-270M P1170.273NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-271K P1170.274NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-330Y P1170.333NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-331K P1170.334NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-390Y P1170.393NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-391K P1170.394NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-470Y P1170.473NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-471K P1170.474NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-5R0M P1170.502NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-560Y P1170.563NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-561K P1170.564NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-680Y P1170.683NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-681K P1170.684NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-820Y P1170.823NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1206 SRR1206-821K P1170.824NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-100MTR PA4320.103NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-150M PA4320.153NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-220M PA4320.223NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-470M PA4320.473NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-101M PA4320.104NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-151M PA4320.154NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-331MTR PA4320.334NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1210 SRR1210-102M PA4320.105NLT Equivalent
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-1R0Y P1168.102NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-100M P1168.103NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-101M P1168.104NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-102K P1168.105NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-120M P1168.123NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-121K P1168.124NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-150M P1168.153NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-151K P1168.154NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-1R5Y P1168.162NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-180M P1168.183NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-181K P1168.184NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-220M P1168.223NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-221K P1168.224NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-2R4Y P1168.242NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-270M P1168.273NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-271K P1168.274NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-3R3Y P1168.332NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-330M P1168.333NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-331K P1168.334NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-390M P1168.393NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-391K P1168.394NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-4R7M P1168.452NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-470M P1168.473NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-471K P1168.474NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-5R6M P1168.562NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-560M P1168.563NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-561K P1168.564NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-6R8M P1168.682NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-680M P1168.683NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-681K P1168.684NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-820M P1168.823NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-821K P1168.824NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-1R0Y PA4303.102NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-100M PA4303.103NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-101M PA4303.104NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-102M PA4303.105NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-1R2Y PA4303.122NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-120M PA4303.123NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-121K PA4303.124NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-121M PA4303.124NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-1R5Y PA4303.152NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-150M PA4303.153NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-151K PA4303.154NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-151M PA4303.154NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-1R8Y PA4303.182NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-180M PA4303.183NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-181K PA4303.184NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-181M PA4303.184NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-2R2Y PA4303.222NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-2R4Y PA4303.222NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-220M PA4303.223NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-221K PA4303.224NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-221M PA4303.224NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-2R7Y PA4303.272NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-270M PA4303.273NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-271K PA4303.274NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-271M PA4303.274NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-3R3Y PA4303.332NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-330M PA4303.333NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-331K PA4303.334NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-331M PA4303.334NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-3R9Y PA4303.392NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-390M PA4303.393NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-391K PA4303.394NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-391M PA4303.394NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-4R7M PA4303.472NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-470M PA4303.473NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-471K PA4303.474NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-471M PA4303.474NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-5R6M PA4303.562NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-560M PA4303.563NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-561M PA4303.564NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-6R8M PA4303.682NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-680M PA4303.683NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-681M PA4303.684NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-8R2M PA4303.822NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-820M PA4303.823NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1240 SRR1240-821M PA4303.824NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-100M P1170.103NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-101M P1170.104NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-102K P1170.105NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-120M P1170.123NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-121K P1170.124NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-1R5Y P1170.142NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-150M P1170.153NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-151K P1170.154NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-180M P1170.183NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-181K P1170.184NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-2R2Y P1170.222NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-220M P1170.223NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-221K P1170.224NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-270M P1170.273NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-271K P1170.274NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-3R3Y P1170.302NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-330M P1170.333NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-331K P1170.334NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-3R5Y P1170.392NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-390M P1170.393NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-391K P1170.394NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-470M P1170.473NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-471K P1170.474NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-4R7Y P1170.502NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-560M P1170.563NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-561K P1170.564NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-6R8Y P1170.642NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-680M P1170.683NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-681K P1170.684NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-820M P1170.823NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-821K P1170.824NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1260 SRR1260-1R0Y P1170.901NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-100M P1172.103NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-120M P1172.123NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-1R2Y P1172.132NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-150M P1172.153NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-180M P1172.183NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-1R4Y P1172.202NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-220M P1172.223NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-2R4Y P1172.272NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-270M P1172.273NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-330M P1172.333NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-3R5Y P1172.372NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-390M P1172.393NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-4R7Y P1172.472NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-470M P1172.473NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-6R1Y P1172.602NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-680M P1172.683NL Similar
  Bourns SRR1280 SRR1280-7R6Y P1172.762NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-1R2Y PG0087.102NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-100Y PG0087.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-101Y PG0087.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-1R8Y PG0087.152NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-150Y PG0087.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-151Y PG0087.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-2R5Y PG0087.222NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-220Y PG0087.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-221Y PG0087.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-3R0Y PG0087.332NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-330Y PG0087.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-5R0Y PG0087.472NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-470Y PG0087.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-6R2Y PG0087.682NL Similar
  Bourns SRR5018 SRR5018-680Y PG0087.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-1R0Y PA4300.102NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-100Y PA4300.103NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-101Y PA4300.104NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-1R2Y PA4300.122NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-120Y PA4300.123NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-121Y PA4300.124NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-150Y PA4300.153NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-151Y PA4300.154NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-1R8Y PA4300.182NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-180Y PA4300.183NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-181Y PA4300.184NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-2R2Y PA4300.222NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-220Y PA4300.223NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-221Y PA4300.224NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-2R6Y PA4300.272NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-2R7Y PA4300.272NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-270Y PA4300.273NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-271Y PA4300.274NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-3R0Y PA4300.332NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-3R3Y PA4300.332NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-330Y PA4300.333NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-331Y PA4300.334NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-3R9Y PA4300.392NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-4R2Y PA4300.392NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-390Y PA4300.393NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-391Y PA4300.394NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-4R7Y PA4300.472NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-5R3Y PA4300.472NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-470Y PA4300.473NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-471Y PA4300.474NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-5R2Y PA4300.562NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-6R2Y PA4300.562NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-560Y PA4300.563NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-561Y PA4300.564NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-6R2Y PA4300.682NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-680Y PA4300.683NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-681Y PA4300.684NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-8R2Y PA4300.822NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR5028 SRR5028-820Y PA4300.823NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-100Y PA4300.103NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-101Y PA4300.104NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-1R5Y PA4300.122NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-120Y PA4300.123NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-150Y PA4300.153NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-151Y PA4300.154NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-180Y PA4300.183NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-2R5Y PA4300.222NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-220Y PA4300.223NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-221Y PA4300.224NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R0Y PA4300.272NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-270Y PA4300.273NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R3Y PA4300.332NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-330Y PA4300.333NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-331Y PA4300.334NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R9Y PA4300.392NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-390Y PA4300.393NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-5R0Y PA4300.472NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-470Y PA4300.473NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-471Y PA4300.474NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-6R0Y PA4300.562NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-560Y PA4300.563NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-681Y PA4300.564NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-7R3Y PA4300.682NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-680Y PA4300.683NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-8R6Y PA4300.822NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-820Y PA4300.823NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-1R0Y PA4301.102NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-100Y PA4301.103NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-101Y PA4301.104NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-120Y PA4301.123NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-121Y PA4301.124NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-1R5Y PA4301.152NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-150Y PA4301.153NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-151Y PA4301.154NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-1R8Y PA4301.182NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-180Y PA4301.183NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-181Y PA4301.184NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-2R2Y PA4301.222NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-220Y PA4301.223NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-221Y PA4301.224NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-2R7Y PA4301.272NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-271Y PA4301.274NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-280Y PA4301.283NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R3Y PA4301.332NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-330Y PA4301.333NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-331Y PA4301.334NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R9Y PA4301.392NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-390Y PA4301.393NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-391Y PA4301.394NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-4R7Y PA4301.472NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-470Y PA4301.473NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-471Y PA4301.474NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-5R6Y PA4301.562NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-560Y PA4301.563NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-561Y PA4301.564NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-6R8Y PA4301.682NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-680Y PA4301.683NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-681Y PA4301.684NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-8R2Y PA4301.822NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-820Y PA4301.823NLT Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-100Y PF0464.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-101Y PF0464.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-120Y PF0464.123NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-1R5Y PF0464.152NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-150Y PF0464.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-180Y PF0464.183NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-220Y PF0464.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-270Y PF0464.273NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R0Y PF0464.302NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-330Y PF0464.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R9Y PF0464.392NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-390Y PF0464.393NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-470Y PF0464.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-5R0Y PF0464.502NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-560Y PF0464.563NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-6R0Y PF0464.602NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-680Y PF0464.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-7R3Y PF0464.732NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-820Y PF0464.823NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-8R6Y PF0464.862NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-100Y PF0601.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-101Y PF0601.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-120Y PF0601.123NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-150Y PF0601.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-151Y PF0601.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-180Y PF0601.183NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-220Y PF0601.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-221Y PF0601.224NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-270Y PF0601.273NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R0Y PF0601.292NL Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-330Y PF0601.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-331Y PF0601.334NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-390Y PF0601.393NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-3R9Y PF0601.402NL Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-470Y PF0601.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-5R0Y PF0601.552NL Similar
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-560Y PF0601.563NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-680Y PF0601.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6028 SRR6028-820Y PF0601.823NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-100Y PF0465.103NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-101Y PF0465.104NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-120Y PF0465.123NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-150Y PF0465.153NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-180Y PF0465.183NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-220Y PF0465.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-270Y PF0465.273NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-3R3Y PF0465.332NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-330Y PF0465.333NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-390Y PF0465.393NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-470Y PF0465.473NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-5R0Y PF0465.502NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-560Y PF0465.563NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-6R2Y PF0465.622NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-680Y PF0465.683NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-7R4Y PF0465.732NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-820Y PF0465.823NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6038 SRR6038-8R2Y PF0465.862NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6603 SRR6603-151ML PG0040.154NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRR6603 SRR6603-220ML PG0040.223NL Equivalent
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-100Y PF0560.103NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-101Y PF0560.104NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-1R5Y PF0560.152NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-150Y PF0560.153NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-151Y PF0560.154NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-220Y PF0560.223NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-221Y PF0560.224NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-2R2Y PF0560.252NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-330Y PF0560.333NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-331Y PF0560.334NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-3R8Y PF0560.382NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-470Y PF0560.473NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-5R2Y PF0560.522NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-680Y PF0560.683NL Similar
  Bourns SRU1038 SRU1038-6R8Y PF0560.702NL Similar
  Bourns * 7201 PE-51686NL Similar
  Bourns * 7201 PE-51686NL Equivalent
  Bourns * 7202 PE-51687NL Similar
  Bourns * 7202 PE-51687NL Equivalent
  Bourns * 7203 PE-51688NL Similar
  Bourns * 7203 PE-51688NL Equivalent
  Bourns * 5728 PE-92101NL Similar
  Bourns * 5728 PE-92101NL Equivalent
  Bourns * 5729 PE-92102NL Similar
  Bourns * 5729 PE-92102NL Equivalent
  Bourns * 5730 PE-92104NL Similar
  Bourns * 5730 PE-92104NL Equivalent
  Bourns * 5731 PE-92111NL Similar
  Bourns * 5731 PE-92111NL Equivalent
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-102 P0751.102NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-103 P0751.103NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-152 P0751.152NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-153 P0751.153NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-222 P0751.222NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-223 P0751.223NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-332 P0751.332NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-333 P0751.333NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-472 P0751.472NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-473 P0751.473NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-682 P0751.682NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-683 P0751.683NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-104 P0752.104NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-105 P0752.105NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-154 P0752.154NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-224 P0752.224NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-334 P0752.334NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-474 P0752.474NL Similar
  Central Technologies CTDO3316 CTDO3316P-684 P0752.684NL Similar
  Chilisin MHCC06030 MHCC06030-100M-R7 PA4341.103NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC06030 MHCC06030-8R2M-R7 PA4341.822NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-1R0M-R7 PA4342.102NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-100M-R7 PA4342.103NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-1R5M-R7 PA4342.152NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-150M-R7 PA4342.153NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-R22M-R7 PA4342.221NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-2R2M-R7 PA4342.222NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-220M-R7 PA4342.223NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-3R3M-R7 PA4342.332NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-R36M-R7 PA4342.361NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-R45M-R7 PA4342.451NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-R47M-R7 PA4342.471NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-4R7M-R7 PA4342.472NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-R56M-R7 PA4342.561NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-R68M-R7 PA4342.681NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-6R8M-R7 PA4342.682NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC10040 MHCC10040-8R2M-R7 PA4342.822NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC12060 MHCC12060-100M-R7 PA4343.103NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC12060 MHCC12060-150M-R7 PA4343.153NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC12060 MHCC12060-220M-R7 PA4343.223NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCC12060 MHCC12060-330M-R7 PA4343.333NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05020 MHCI05020-1R0M-R8 PA4345.102NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05020 MHCI05020-1R5M-R8 PA4345.152NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05020 MHCI05020-R47M-R8 PA4345.471NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-1R0M-R8 PA4340.102NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-100M-R8 PA4340.103NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-1R2M-R8 PA4340.122NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-1R5M-R8 PA4340.152NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-R20M-R8 PA4340.201NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-2R2M-R8 PA4340.222NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-3R3M-R8 PA4340.332NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-R47M-R8 PA4340.471NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-4R7M-R8 PA4340.472NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-R68M-R8 PA4340.681NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI05030 MHCI05030-6R8M-R8 PA4340.682NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R10M-R8 PA4341.101NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-1R0M-R8 PA4341.102NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-150M-R8 PA4341.123NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-1R5M-R8 PA4341.152NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-1R8M-R8 PA4341.182NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R22M-R8 PA4341.221NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-2R2M-R8 PA4341.222NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R33M-R8 PA4341.331NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-3R3M-R8 PA4341.332NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R47M-R8 PA4341.471NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-4R7M-R8 PA4341.472NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R56M-R8 PA4341.561NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-5R6M-R8 PA4341.562NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R68M-R8 PA4341.681NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-6R8M-R8 PA4341.682NLT Equivalent
  Chilisin MHCI06030 MHCI06030-R82M-R8 PA4341.821NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL4020-221ME PA5001.221NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL4020-401ME PA5001.401NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL4020-102ME PA5001.102NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL4020-122ME PA5001.122NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL4020-152ME PA5001.152NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5020-161ME PA5002.161NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5020-331ME PA5002.331NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5020-561ME PA5002.561NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5020-801ME PA5002.801NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5020-122ME PA5002.122NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-161ME PA5003.161NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-331ME PA5003.331NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-601ME PA5003.601NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-801ME PA5003.801NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-102ME PA5003.102NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-122ME PA5003.122NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-222ME PA5003.222NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-332ME PA5003.332NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL5030-472ME PA5003.472NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-181ME PA5004.181NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-331ME PA5004.331NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-561ME PA5004.561NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-102ME PA5004.102NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-122ME PA5004.122NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-182ME PA5004.182NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-222ME PA5004.222NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL6030-332ME PA5004.332NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7020-331ME PA5006.331NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7020-471ME PA5006.471NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7020-681ME PA5006.681NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7020-102ME PA5006.102NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-102ME PA5007.102NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-152ME PA5007.152NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-222ME PA5007.222NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-272ME PA5007.272NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-332ME PA5007.332NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-472ME PA5007.472NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-5622ME PA5007.562NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-682ME PA5007.682NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft XAL series Shielded Inductor XAL7030-822ME PA5007.822NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft LPS8045 LPS8045 PA4338 Similar
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-102 P0770.102NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-103 P0770.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-104 P0770.104NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-152 P0770.152NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-153 P0770.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-154 P0770.154NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-222 P0770.222NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-223 P0770.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-224 P0770.224NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-332 P0770.332NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-333 P0770.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-472 P0770.472NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-682 P0770.682NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1608 DO1608C-683 P0770.683NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-122 PA0390.102NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-103 PA0390.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-153 PA0390.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-222 PA0390.222NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-223 PA0390.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-332 PA0390.332NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-333 PA0390.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-472 PA0390.472NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-473 PA0390.473NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO1813H DO1813H-682 PA0390.682NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-103 P0762.103NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-104 P0762.104NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-105 P0762.105NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-153 P0762.153NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-154 P0762.154NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-223 P0762.223NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-224 P0762.224NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-333 P0762.333NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-334 P0762.334NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-473 P0762.473NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-474 P0762.474NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-683 P0762.683NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3308P DO3308P-684 P0762.684NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-102 PF0638.102NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-121 PF0638.121NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-152 PF0638.152NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-222 PF0638.222NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-272 PF0638.272NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-331 PF0638.331NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-332 PF0638.332NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-392 PF0638.392NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-472 PF0638.472NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316H DO3316H-681 PF0638.681NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-102 P0751.102NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-103 P0751.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-152 P0751.152NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-153 P0751.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-222 P0751.222NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-223 P0751.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-332 P0751.332NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-333 P0751.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-472 P0751.472NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-473 P0751.473NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-682 P0751.682NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-683 P0751.683NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-104 P0752.104NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-105 P0752.105NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-154 P0752.154NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-224 P0752.224NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-334 P0752.334NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-474 P0752.474NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3316P DO3316P-684 P0752.684NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-103 PF0698.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-104 PF0698.104NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-105 PF0698.105NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-153 PF0698.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-154 PF0698.154NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-223 PF0698.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-224 PF0698.224NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-333 PF0698.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-334 PF0698.334NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-473 PF0698.473NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-474 PF0698.474NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-683 PF0698.683NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO3340P DO3340P-684 PF0698.684NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-102 P0250.102NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-103 P0250.103NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-104 P0250.104NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-105 P0250.105NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-153 P0250.153NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-154 P0250.154NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-222 P0250.222NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-223 P0250.223NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-224 P0250.224NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-332 P0250.332NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-333 P0250.333NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-334 P0250.334NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-473 P0250.473NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-474 P0250.474NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-562 P0250.562NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-683 P0250.683NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5022P DO5022P-684 P0250.684NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-103 PF0504.103NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-104 PF0504.104NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-183 PF0504.183NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-223 PF0504.223NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-333 PF0504.333NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-392 PF0504.392NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-473 PF0504.473NL Similar
  Coilcraft DO5040H DO5040H-682 PF0504.682NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1240 MLC1240-901 PG0255.102NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1240 MLC1240-451 PG0255.401NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1565 MLC1565-142 PG0434.142NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1565 MLC1565-202 PG0434.202NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1565 MLC1565-282 PG0434.282NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1565 MLC1565-451 PG0434.401NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC1565 MLC1565-801 PG0434.801NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC7532 MLC7532-101 PG0426.101NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC7532 MLC7532-221 PG0426.221NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC7540 MLC7540-102 PG0083.102NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC7540 MLC7540-222 PG0083.232NL Similar
  Coilcraft MLC7542 MLC7542-601 PG0083.601NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-103 PF0552.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-104 PF0552.104NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-105 PF0552.105NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-153 PF0552.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-154 PF0552.154NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-223 PF0552.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-224 PF0552.224NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-333 PF0552.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-334 PF0552.334NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-472 PF0552.472NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-473 PF0552.473NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-474 PF0552.474NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-682 PF0552.682NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-683 PF0552.683NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-684 PF0552.684NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-822 PF0552.822NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-823 PF0552.823NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1260 MSD1260-824 PF0552.824NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-103 PF0553.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-104 PF0553.104NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-105 PF0553.105NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-153 PF0553.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-154 PF0553.154NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-223 PF0553.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-224 PF0553.224NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-333 PF0553.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-334 PF0553.334NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-472 PF0553.472NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-473 PF0553.473NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-474 PF0553.474NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-682 PF0553.682NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-683 PF0553.683NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-684 PF0553.684NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-822 PF0553.822NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-823 PF0553.823NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSD1278 MSD1278-824 PF0553.824NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-103 PF0560.103NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-104 PF0560.104NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-152 PF0560.152NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-153 PF0560.153NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-154 PF0560.154NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-223 PF0560.223NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-224 PF0560.224NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-252 PF0560.252NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-333 PF0560.333NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-334 PF0560.334NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-382 PF0560.382NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-473 PF0560.473NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-522 PF0560.522NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-683 PF0560.683NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1038 MSS1038-702 PF0560.702NL Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-152 PA4321.152NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-332 PA4321.332NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-103 PA4321.103NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-333 PA4321.333NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-683 PA4321.683NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-104 PA4321.104NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1048 MSS1048-334 PA4321.334NLT Equivalent
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-102 P1169.102NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-103 P1169.103NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-104 P1169.104NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-105 P1169.105NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-123 P1169.123NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-124 P1169.124NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-153 P1169.153NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-154 P1169.154NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-183 P1169.183NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-184 P1169.184NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-223 P1169.223NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-224 P1169.224NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-273 P1169.273NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-274 P1169.274NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-333 P1169.333NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-334 P1169.334NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-393 P1169.393NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-394 P1169.394NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-472 P1169.452NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-473 P1169.473NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-474 P1169.474NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-562 P1169.562NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-563 P1169.563NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-564 P1169.564NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-682 P1169.682NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-683 P1169.683NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-684 P1169.684NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-823 P1169.823NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-824 P1169.824NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-102ML PA4303.102NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-103ML PA4303.103NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-104ML PA4303.104NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-105KL PA4303.105NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-122ML PA4303.122NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-123ML PA4303.123NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-124KL PA4303.124NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-152ML PA4303.152NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-153ML PA4303.153NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-154KL PA4303.154NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-182ML PA4303.182NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-183ML PA4303.183NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-184KL PA4303.184NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-222ML PA4303.222NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-223ML PA4303.223NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-224KL PA4303.224NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-272ML PA4303.272NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-273ML PA4303.273NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-274KL PA4303.274NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-332ML PA4303.332NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-333ML PA4303.333NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-334KL PA4303.334NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-392ML PA4303.392NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-393ML PA4303.393NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-394KL PA4303.394NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-472ML PA4303.472NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-473ML PA4303.473NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-474KL PA4303.474NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-562ML PA4303.562NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-563ML PA4303.563NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-564KL PA4303.564NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-682ML PA4303.682NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-683ML PA4303.683NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-684KL PA4303.684NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-822ML PA4303.822NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-823ML PA4303.823NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1246 MSS1246-824KL PA4303.824NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-103 P1171.103NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-104 P1171.104NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-105 P1171.105NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-123 P1171.123NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-124 P1171.124NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-152 P1171.142NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-153 P1171.153NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-154 P1171.154NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-183 P1171.183NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-184 P1171.184NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-222 P1171.222NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-223 P1171.223NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-224 P1171.224NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-273 P1171.273NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-274 P1171.274NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-332 P1171.302NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-333 P1171.333NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-334 P1171.334NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-393 P1171.393NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-394 P1171.394NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-473 P1171.473NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-474 P1171.474NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-563 P1171.563NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-564 P1171.564NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-682 P1171.642NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-683 P1171.683NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-684 P1171.684NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-823 P1171.823NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-824 P1171.824NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-102 P1171.901NL Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-102NL PA4304.102NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-103ML PA4304.103NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-104ML PA4304.104NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-105ML PA4304.105NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-122NL PA4304.122NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-123ML PA4304.123NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-124ML PA4304.124NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-152NL PA4304.152NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-153ML PA4304.153NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-154ML PA4304.154NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-182NL PA4304.182NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-183ML PA4304.183NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-184ML PA4304.184NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-222NL PA4304.222NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-223ML PA4304.223NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-224ML PA4304.224NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-272NL PA4304.272NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-273ML PA4304.273NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-274ML PA4304.274NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-332NL PA4304.332NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-333ML PA4304.333NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-334ML PA4304.334NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-392NL PA4304.392NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-393ML PA4304.393NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-394ML PA4304.394NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-472ML PA4304.472NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-473ML PA4304.473NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-474ML PA4304.474NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-562ML PA4304.562NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-563ML PA4304.563NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-564ML PA4304.564NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-682ML PA4304.682NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-683ML PA4304.683NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-684ML PA4304.684NLT Similar
  Coilcraft MSS1260 MSS1260-822ML PA4304.822NLT Similar