The LTspice (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), developed by Linear Technology has quickly become an industry standard for checking circuitry. From automotive to battery management and industrial applications, you’ll experience better performance and enhanced product designs without having to double check your circuits.

Download Pulse Power BU LTspice Models

Today, engineers are simulating power supply designs early in the board level circuit design phase. With LTspice, capacitors and inductors are constructed with series resistance and other parasitic facets of their behavior using a minimal number of sub-circuits or internal nodes. This scales down the number of nodes the simulator needs to solve, reducing the computational iterations required for a given simulation without compromising the accuracy or detail of the switching waveforms. It is easier for engineers to simulate rather than breadboard, this, in turn, speeds the design for a stable, reliable circuit.

Discover our greatly expanded range of power inductor LTspice models available for download to help engineers save time, yield detailed waveforms, and allow for the flexibility for arbitrary circuit modifications when designing advanced circuits.

To view and download data sheets for the LTspice models for Pulse Power BU SMT Power Inductors, visit the Inductors page or our Resources page. Please keep in mind, that real components can vary in the range given in the datasheets.

Not sure what to do after downloading the Pulse Power BU LTspice models library? Check out this helpful video showing a walk through of the set-up process.

If you’re already using an LTspice program, you’re all set! If you want more information on our parts, Contact us for more information about our LT Spice Models.

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