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Power Bead Inductor Manufacturing & Design

All of our power bead inductors are shielded and come in surface mount (SMT), coupled and integrated construction types and are ideal for multiple applications, including VRD, VRM, Graphic Card and PoL. Our coupled power bead inductors combine two (or more) inductors into one single package with magnetic coupling between them, reducing the overall footprint and enabling lower phase ripple current resulting in higher system efficiency. Our integrated power bead inductors also combine two inductors into one single package but do not allow magnetic coupling between them, offering the same circuit performance as two separate inductors while still reducing the overall footprint.

News & Insight: Power Bead Inductors

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New Power Inductor Series: Increased Energy Storage & More Footprint Options

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PA434X Series: AEC-Q200 Qualified Molded Power Inductors

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New Ultra-Low Profile, Shielded, SMT Power Inductors for Small Electronic Devices

We're pleased to announce the release of a family of six new, ultra-low profile, SMT shielded inductors for compact point of load and mobile devices. With mounted height profiles of 1.0mm to...Read Full Article

New Low-Loss, High-Saturation, SMT Round Wire Coil Inductors

We've expanded our range of SMT round wire coil inductors to deliver higher inductance/current capability. The series consists of the PG0871NL, PG0702NL, PG0926NL, PH0936NL, and PG1083NL within...Read Full Article