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Our shielded planar inductors come in a surface mount (SMT) construction type. With our planar inductor technology, a low number of turns are implemented using stamped copper plates which enables low inductance and very high current-carrying capabilities. You can use our table below to search for the specific planar inductor product or data sheet you need.

WHITE PAPER: Selecting a Power Inductor for Your Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Design


News & Insight: Planar Inductors

LTspice Models Download Available on Pulse Power BU Website

Product and engineering teams all over the world rely on LTspice models to reduce simulation time. The Pulse Electronics Power BU website now has a greatly expanded range of power inductor LTspice...Read Full Article >>

New Power Inductor Series: Increased Energy Storage & More Footprint Options

Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit has released a new high density line of shielded power inductors. The PA4318.XXXNL - PA4322.XXXNL series offer fully shielded construction for EMI and sizes...Read Full Article >>

PA434X Series: AEC-Q200 Qualified Molded Power Inductors

The PA434X series is our latest series of AEC-Q200 qualified, high current, low profile, molded power inductors. As part of our extensive family of power inductors, the PA434X series boasts the...Read Full Article >>

New Ultra-Low Profile, Shielded, SMT Power Inductors for Small Electronic Devices

We're pleased to announce the release of a family of six new, ultra-low profile, SMT shielded inductors for compact point of load and mobile devices. With mounted height profiles of 1.0mm to...Read Full Article >>

New Low-Loss, High-Saturation, SMT Round Wire Coil Inductors

We've expanded our range of SMT round wire coil inductors to deliver higher inductance/current capability. The series consists of the PG0871NL, PG0702NL, PG0926NL, PH0936NL, and PG1083NL within...Read Full Article >>