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Wide Frequency Range Fluxgate Current Sensing Products

The Pulse Cobra product line is a series of isolated DC and AC current sensors ranging from 10 Amps to 1500 Amps based on the TI Fluxgate Sensor product line. A Fluxgate sensor is a closed-loop current sensor with the conditioning integrated circuit and compensation coil that provides a voltage output proportional to the measured current.

The Pulse Cobra solution provides greater sensitivity, superior linearity, and wide frequency range from DC to 250kHz, which exceeds the capabilities of other technologies such as Hall Effect sensors.

The product line consists of compensations coils that can be paired with the TI DRV 421 IC, and standalone sensor modules complete with everything needed to sense current. The modules are ideal for DC applications and have a fast response time allowing them to sense AC currents up to 250kHz. For large currents, custom mechanical designs are available to meet any requirement. Automotive grade assemblies are also available.

These products are ideal for solar power inverters, renewable energy inverters, DC battery storage and charging, motor control, robotics, and industrial controls. Automotive applications also include electric vehicle charging and regenerative braking.

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