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About Current Sense Transformers currentsense-magnetics.tile3

Current sense magnetics are used as a low loss method for sensing the AC current in a circuit and also provide electrical and safety isolation between the source of the current (which can be connected to high voltage signals) and the measurement circuit (which is typically low voltage digital signals).  Pulse Electronics designs and manufacturers current sense magnetics for switch mode power supplies where frequencies are typically in the range of 40kHz to several MHz. We offer product ranging from 4A to 40A sensing, isolation voltages from 500V to 5kV and insulation systems including functional, basic and reinforced.  Our through-hole and surface mount platforms are designed to ensure the most compact solutions while ensuring robust packaging, exceptional reliability and  suitability for high-volume manufacturing. The technology behind current sensors (more specifically current sense transformers) comes in various forms:

  • Low resistance current shunts
  • Current transformers with amorphous metal core
  • Hall Effect devices

Current Sense Magnetics Manufacturing & Design

Our surface mount and through hole current sense magnetics are excellent solutions for low-cost regulation of switch mode power supplies. RoHS compliant and available with both reinforced and functional safety levels, our current sensing products are ideal for Smart Grid and other applications focused on energy management. View our current sensing products, request a custom design or view our current sensing applications below.

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