Introducing the latest addition to the Sidewinder® product line-up -- the PA3209NL.

PA3209NL-current-sensorIn response to customer requests to extend this sensor technology to a wider range of their applications, we've created this larger inner diameter product to accommodate current carrying conductors up to 0.750 inches (19.05mm) in diameter, or the industry standard 0.750 in. x 0.093 in. (19.05mm  x 2.36mm) buss bar.

Glenn Roemer, Field Application Engineer with Pulse Electronics Power BU said:

“The Sidewinder® is a breakthrough in power sensing technology. It differs from traditional current sense transformers because of its coreless design. This makes it lighter, easier to assemble, and less expensive. By adding a larger inner diameter to the Sidewinder family, a larger buss bar can pass through the sensor, enabling it to measure 1000 Amps and higher.”

PA3209NL Features

  • Dynamic Range from 0.1 to 1000 Amps
  • Meets ANSI C12.20 Accuracy Class 0.2
  • Meets IEC 62053-21 Class 1
  • Phase error < 0.05 degree
  • Bandwidth 100KHz
  • Immune to external AC magnetic fields
  • Immune to DC current & magnetic field
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Patent pending

PA3209NL Applications

With a dynamic range of 0.10 to more than 1000 Amps, this sensor provides extremely accurate measurement of AC current at 50 Hz or 60 Hz in the following applications:

  • Smart meters
  • Industrial motor controls
  • Power line monitoring

Our Sidewinder sensor handles the full current measurement capabilities of the traditional current transformer, at a lower price point and no saturation limits.

PA3209NL Mechanical & Schematic



The PA3209NL takes its place among an existing line-up of Sidewinder products within our current sense magnetics family, capable of sensing up to 40 Amps (PA3206NL), 120 Amps (PA3208NL), and 200 Amps (PA3202NL).

The sensors are packaged in trays with a price of approximately $2.45 each in quantities of ten thousand. Lead time is 8-10 weeks. The product is available immediately.

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Originally published . Updated February 26, 2016.