As part of our ongoing efforts to provide increased value and functionality to engineers, CTO's and other professionals in the power magnetics industry, our team at Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit has launched a new website.The new website boasts several new features, the largest of which is our new Product Finder tool.

Here's more information about the site along with some quick how-to's to help you find the products and insight you need...fast.

Using the Product Finder Tool

The biggest addition to the Pulse Power BU website is most definitely our Product Finder Tool.

While many engineers are accustomed to searching for products using parametric data on other websites, the Pulse Power BU Product Finder is unique in its mobile responsiveness -- regardless of which device you use to search our products, you'll always be presented with a simple to use and easily visible layout.

Product Data Filters

There are 5 primary product families through which you can search and filter using various sets of data, including:

  1. Inductors
  2. Common Mode Chokes
  3. Switch Mode Transformers
  4. Isolation Transformers
  5. Current Sense Magnetics

To use the primary product finder filters, just enter your requirements within the available fields and the Product Finder will instantly narrow your results based upon this data.


Product Detail Page

To access information on any one product, including datasheets, just click on the part number within any given product table. This will open up the related Product Detail page, along with options for you to take action on that particular product.



The "Compare" functionality allows you to select a multitude of parts within any given product family and then compare the selected products side-by-side.

To use the Compare feature, simply select the check boxes of the products you wish to compare and then click the Compare button. From there, you can return to the Product Finder to add more parts or add the compared parts to the "My Products" page (covered below).


Request a Quote

The Request a Quote feature adds the products that you've selected to a quote form for a faster, easier quoting process.

To use the Request a Quote feature, select up to 4 products by selecting the check boxes for those products, then clicking the "Request a Quote" button. You'll be redirected to a quote page with the part numbers already populated within the quote form...just select the quantity you need for each.


My Products

The "My Products" page functions just like a shopping cart (currently e-commerce functionality is not supported), allowing you to add various products throughout your visit on our website to a central location where you can later review them, request quotes, request samples, etc.

To add products to your My Products page, simply select the check boxes next to products you wish to add. Click the "My Products" button and the products will be automatically added to the page. Note that you can always find the My Products page link at the top right of the web page, along with the number of parts you've added to your list within parenthesis.


Other Product Finder Features

There are a few other features within the Product Finder Tool designed to help you get what you need quickly. These include...

  1. Request Support - for those looking to speak with a Pulse Power BU engineer about a particular product.
  2. Stock Check - a quick glance into real-time inventory for major Pulse Power BU distributors.
  3. Datasheets - a link to any related datasheet can be found in the last column of any given product. If the table data is lengthy, you can click the little green "+" sign to access this column.

Other Website Enhancements

Product Tables

Our new Product Tables are the fastest of their kind on the web--allowing engineers to quickly search for specific products using multiple tools, such as a custom search bar, data sorting and results display count.

Another thing that makes the Pulse Power BU website unique is the Product Table's ability to load products with no need for page reloading or inconvenient redirects. Just type, filter and select and watch the relevant parts appear!

Pro Tip: You can also remove unwanted columns by clicking the small "x" icon in the top right-hand location of any table column header.


Resource Center

Our dedicated resource center, Pulse Power Resources, provides one central hub for quick access to educational, strategic and transactional tools. Here's what you'll find in our new resources page:

  • Quote Requests
  • Data Sheets
  • Product Support
  • Design Services
  • Distributor Info
  • IC Cross Reference
  • Competitive Cross Reference
  • Non-RoHS Product EOL Info
  • White Papers and more...

Pulse Power ResourcesPulse Power Resources will ultimately provide engineers with one single destination that houses all the tools, insight and support they need to create truly amazing products.

Power News & Insight

Pulse Power News is the new blog, news & insigh products. A big part of the value of Pulse Power News is feedback and suggestions from power enthusiasts like you. We'd love to get your thoughts and suggestions on ways we can make it the most valuable source of info for you on the web.

Please join us in making Pulse Power News the premier destination for those who live and breathe all things power. Send us your thoughts here >

Upcoming Features & Tools

Within the next few months, we will also be adding comprehensive guides on various power products, power and design tools such as calculators and interactive schematics, and additional industry-leading content on Pulse Power News.

On behalf of our entire team at Pulse Electronics Power BU, we welcome you to your new web experience and welcome your feedback on ways we can continue to help you create the next great product.

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Originally published . Updated October 10, 2016.
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