my-products-header.jpgAs part of the continuing effort of Pulse Power BU to improve your experience, the My Products cart feature has been added to our new Product Finder tool; you can drop any product (from any product family) you’re interested in exploring further here and continue searching for the parts you need, confident that you can easily return to the My Products cart and review the chosen items at any time.

Regardless of the product family, you can put the product that you’re interested in directly into the My Products cart—everything can be done in one central location, eliminating the annoyance of jumping from page to page to get the information you need.

Adding Items to the My Products Cart

pulse-power-my-productsTransferring items into the My Products cart is simple and intuitive. It’s a two step process, as follows:

Step 1: Click the box next to the product or products you’re interested in transferring to the My Products cart.

Step 2: Click the red button labeled Add to My Products, located above the columns of the Product Table.




That’s it— if you’d like to confirm that your products were, in fact, added to the My Products cart, just look to the tool bar at the top right of the screen—you’ll see My Products, and the number to the right will reflect the number of products you’ve added.  Click on My Products to review the items immediately, or continue shopping.

Features of the My Products Cart

Once you’ve added items from any product family into the My Products cart, they remain separated by family, but they will all be easily visible upon the same page; you won’t need to move from page to page to examine products from different families.

You’ll find the same clean design of the Product Finder tool in the My Products cart. A reminder of these capabilities include:

Custom Search Bar, Data Sorting, and Results Display Count— You can further customize your search by entering parameters into our custom search bar, and utilize the arrows to the right of each column to determine whether you start with the highest or the lowest value. The Results Display Count allows you to decide how many results you want to view at a time.

pulse-power-my-productsRemove Unwanted Columns or Parts to Control Your Table View— To reduce the number of columns from any table, simply click on the blue X at the top right hand corner of the box. That column will be eliminated. You can remove parts from your My Products page quickly by selecting the part using the check box and simply clicking the Remove Products button.





Download Datasheets Directly from the Table— If you’re interested in moving directly to the data sheet, click on the green plus sign next to the thumbnail photo of the item in question; the option to download the datasheet is the last option available. Click the document icon to begin the download.

pulse-power-my-productsChoose Parts for a Direct Comparison— You have the capability to directly compare parts that you’re interested in; their parametric data is side-by-side, allowing you to make an informed decision quickly and efficiently without toggling between pages.






pulse-power-my-productsRequest Quotes, Samples, and Even Support— To gain immediate access to a quote, a sample, or support from our experienced team of engineers, click on the item and then click the red button at the top that will best suit your need. Again, all of this is done in one place. You won’t deal with constant redirects, and you’ll always be able to get to the items you’re interested in researching without any hassle.




Open Product Detail Pages— Simply click upon the part number, and you’ll be directed to a more detailed layout containing a larger photo of the part, statistics for the chosen product and the now familiar Request a Quote, Request Samples and Request Support buttons for the same ease of submitting the requests.

Find out if the part is available in inventory by clicking on the red Stock Check button, and you’ll be directed to search by part number, which is presented as a grid showing you the current inventory of the part you require.

You can download the Datasheet on the Product Detail Page as well, which includes part specifications and max ratings as well as both part and mechanical schematics. 

The My Products cart was created to make searching across product families a more simplified process, and to be able to collect while you search without leaving the Product Tables, making the Product Finder cohesive, easy to use, and a tool that makes finding the products and parts you need for your projects fast and convenient.

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Originally published . Updated December 8, 2016.
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