pulse-power-product-finderThe new Pulse Electronics Power BU Product Finder includes three convenient options that our engineer, CTO and professional clients have been very excited to use—because each can be requested directly from the Product Table itself, so there is no page jumping or losing track of parts.

We listened to our customers when completing the design of the Product Finder functionality. The common theme of feedback was that it was challenging to search all the parts they wanted to find, and take the following actions without having to start over in their search:

  • Compare the parts side-by-side
  • Request Samples of parts
  • Request Quotes of the parts

Now, all three of these functions can be requested and completed directly in the new Product Finder, meaning you can find what you need and make your requests without leaving the Product Table and go back to previous pages. It will save a great deal of time, allowing you to make your decision quickly, conveniently, and efficiently.


The Compare functionality makes the process of comparing multiple products within any given product family simple, fast, and efficient.

The comparison option does not limit the number of parts you can choose; simply click the check box next to each of the parts in the Product Table that you’re interested in comparing.

Once you’ve made all your selections, click on the button labeled Compare which is located directly above the columns of the Product Table, and instantly, a new table will open with each of your selected products side-by-side in the columns, allowing a direct comparison of the products; you can view their basic specifications, and you can download the products’ Datasheet for the schematics and specifications so you have it for reference.

pulse-power-compare-productsIf you wish to eliminate an item from the comparison, simply click on the red X over the thumbnail of the product—that will instantly remove the product part.

Once you’ve compared the products, you may have parts you want to re-visit after you do additional searches in the Product Finder; you can add any parts you’re interested in to the My Products cart, where they will be conveniently held along with any other products you wish to consider further.  Once you’ve added the part(s) to the My Products cart, you can go directly back to the Product Finder to continue your search, or utilize other options available.

If you’d like to verify inventory, we’ve included the ability to open and conduct a stock check, so that you’ll know whether the item in question is actually currently available. 

From the Compare table, you can choose parts with the same check box functionality as the Product Table to quickly request a quote or sample of any item you’re comparing—and these two new easy functions are also available directly on the Product Finder Tables as well.

Request a Quote

Our Request a Quote feature will efficiently allow you to contact the sales team to receive a quote by generating the form with the click of a button. To start the process, all you need to do is check the box to the left of the part number of the product(s) you’re interested in, and then click the Request a Quote button above the columns of products.

The Product Finder will open the form directly and your selected parts will be auto populated with the part number and quantity. If you want additional quantities, you can update the quantity number in the form before you submit. Keeping with the goal of convenience, you choose to Request a Sample from the quote request form page as well.

Once you submit your request, our sales team will follow up with you promptly to provide the requested quote so we work with you to fulfill your order.

Request a Sample

pulse-power-request-samplePreviously, the sample request process required the user to login, but our new Product Finder alleviates this step. The process to Request a Sample is as easy as the Product Finder’s Request a Quote feature, and it works much the same way.

Choose up to four products by clicking the same box next to the product in the Product Table you clicked to obtain your quote, then click the red Request a Sample button.

The Request a Sample form with the pre-populated part numbers and quantities, which you can also change if necessary, will open for you so you can quickly submit the request. Once submitted, your sample request will be processed and you’ll receive the sample directly at the address provided.

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Originally published . Updated December 8, 2016.
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