Our AEC-Q200 Battery Management System Solutions

We help you bring your battery management systems to the next level. By engineering systems with our broad range of battery management magnetic components, you can surpass your most challenging system requirements. Our components install quickly, integrate easily, and operate reliably to deliver you more. From portable electronics to electric vehicles (EVs), our battery management solutions are widely used as a primary energy source in many applications. Pulse power products track your operational performance for variations in internal temperature, filter high-frequency noise, and provide a safety isolation as well as desired output voltage in the critical power converting stages.

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Pulse products carrying the AEC-Q200 logo are designed and tested to meet or exceed the high stress standards set by the Automotive Electronics Council for passive electronic components.

Benefits of Battery Management Systems

Pulse Electronics battery management solutions enable your system to monitor the key operational parameters such as internal temperature during charging and discharging. It alerts the driver and even disconnects the battery if it breaches the safety parameters.


Benefits of Battery Management Systems (BMS):




Low Cost

Extended Battery Life

Battery Management Solution System Design & Manufacturing

Pulse Electronics AEC-Q200 magnetics support simple and custom operation for pure power generation, safe voltage levels, controlled current flow, and more charge capacity. By constructing these magnetic parts into a battery management system, you can create and deliver optimized solutions for customers and partners that cut down development time and unit count of a battery management system.

Together with our engineers, you can architect a line of sophisticated battery management products by using a variety of our components. We take careful consideration when helping you design the battery requirements and battery life goals to create a high-performance battery manager. Contact us for a custom design quote today!


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