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The Innovative Power Magnetics Leaders

Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit is committed to helping you build your next great product by providing the best technical solutions and production support.

  • Demonstrated design/engineering and high volume product launch expertise.
  • Strong relationships with leading electronic OEM’s.
  • Geographic proximity to customers’ design and production.
  • Excellent value and outstanding quality products delivered from high-volume production facilities.

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We've Got the Tools & Products You Need

Pulse Electronics Power BU offers a broad range of power inductors and transformers used in AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, power inductors, high-frequency power transformers, gate drive transformers, current sense magnetics, common mode chokes, and low-frequency transformers.

Our Market Focus

High Efficiency Computing
  • Servers
  • Graphics
  • Gaming
  • NB
High Efficiency Datacom
  • WBS
  • STB
  • Switch
  • WAP
  • Storage
Energy Management
  • Smart Grid
    • Generation
    • Distribution
  • Building Technologies
    • Lighting
    • Climate Control
    • Power Management & Quality
  • Industrial Automation Drive
    • Motor Drive
    • Automation Control
  • Mobility
    • EV

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We are the Preferred Power Management Magnetics Partner to Leading Suppliers of Energy Management and High Efficiency Power Solutions.

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