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About Current Sense Transformers

current-sensing-transformersCurrent sensors serve one specific purpose -- to detect alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) in a wire in order to generate a proportional signal. Current sensing is especially critical for power metering applications. The technology behind current sensors (more specifically current sense transformers) comes in various forms:

  • Low resistance current shunts
  • Current transformers with amorphous metal core
  • Hall Effect devices
  • Rogowski Coils (such as what's found in our Sidewinder products)

Each type of current sense transformer comes with their own unique set of strengths and weakness, which are important to understand before selecting them for your application. Compare them side-by-side and discover more about the benefits of the Rogowski Coil by downloading our white paper here.

News & Insight: Current Sensing Magnetics

New AEC-Q200 Qualified High Frequency, Low Profile Current Sense Transformer Series

Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit has released a new high frequency current sense transformer series. The AEC-Q200 qualified PA1005.XXXQNL series...

Sidewinder Clamp-On Current Sensor Fits Existing Solid Conductors

Our new 50Hz/60Hz, di/dt AC current sensor can be clamped onto an existing solid conductor without having to disconnect the conductor.

Sidewinder Current Sensor Provides 99.7% Reliability after 20 Years of 24/7 Service

A new test report demonstrating the reliability and longevity of our Sidewinder® AC current sensing technology is now available.

Current Sense Magnetics Manufacturing & Design

Our surface mount and through hole current sense magnetics are excellent solutions for low-cost regulation of switch mode power supplies. RoHS compliant and available with both reinforced and functional safety levels, our current sensing products are ideal for Smart Grid and other applications focused on energy management. View our current sensing products, request a custom design or view our Sidewinder® products for AC current sensing applications below.